Hugo de Santa Catarina

the personal blog and repository for the writings and treatises of Hugo de Santa Catarina

Hugo de Santa Catarina is a Catholic writer, essayist, fictionist, and poet from the island of Negros Oriental, in the Philippines. Writing short fiction on themes of horror and fantasy under his real name, Issachar Bacang, he has been published on the weird fiction Ronin Express Anthologies 5 and 6. His non-fiction work consist of tracts and treatises on varying topics and subjects including art criticism, devotional, editorial, spiritual, and doctrinal writings.


Latest from the Blog

sailing away [poetry]

I cast sails into a windless north,and rive through waves with sighs to either chase the horizon ’til land hoor sail and sail ’til you’re out of sight drift into the waves of salt, I mustto be blanched in heat and cleansed ofa hope in you, I cannot trust may torrents beat the blood outContinue reading “sailing away [poetry]”

Kakei [Poem]

I had in mind, a fanciful designof a great and lovely building that so far, already standslike fantasies of one becoming mine-a great and lovely vision that’s so far away from hand one cannot ask the red to turn to blue,in a painting that’ so old-it starts to slowly loose its hue One cannot askContinue reading “Kakei [Poem]”

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